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Why Invest in Belize?
Did you know that more than 80 million
Americans are planning on retiring over the
next 19 years? If you are thinking about
joining-in,then Ambergris Caye or San Pedro,
Belize might be the perfect destinations.
You can purchase vacant land to build a customized home that perfectly meets your retirement needs. If you prefer the comforts associated with a luxury condominium, then
you can buy a unit at one of the beachfront buildings in the ever-beautiful Ambergris Caye.
The truth of the matter is simple: Belize is a
tropical paradise that offers a multitude of
advantages for retirees.
Over 300,000 tourists flock to Belize on an
annual basis. The vibrant tourist population
is just one of the many reasons that Belize,
and in particular Ambergris Caye and
San Pedro, offers such an extraordinary
investment potential. No estate or capital
gains tax, the ability to buy, sell, rent, or
bequeath land within the established local
laws, and relatively low down payments,
makes Belize an easy place to invest in island
Real Estate. Whether you are interested in
making a residential or commercial island Real Estate purchase, Belize offers the opportunity
for high returns on equity.
Owning a vacation home in Belize is a
wonderful experience. With the help of the experienced ReMax Belize Realtors, you can
find the ideal family vacation property that can
be enjoyed throughout the year. Whether you
want to be close to the National Park, wake-up
to an ocean view each morning, or want to be
close to shopping and restaurants, you will find
the ideal island Real Estate property in
Ambergris Caye or San Pedro. Fishing, hiking, diving, snorkeling, swimming, horseback riding,
enjoying fine island cuisine, or simply taking
the time to relax, the vacation options are
limitless when you purchase a slice of paradise
in Belize.
Diversifying your Real Estate investment
portfolio is a task that is made easier with the
help of the ReMax Belize Realtors. From experienced to first time foreign investors, the ReMax Belize team will leverage their island
Real Estate experience to help you make an educated investment decision. The team is
well-versed on the local Real Estate market,
the growing tourist economy, Belize tax advantages, and the upcoming investment
areas that could generate a higher than
average return for foreign investors. Whether
you are interested in commercial or residential island Real Estate investments, the ReMax
Belize team is standing-by to help you
successfully diversify your investment portfolio.

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