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About Belize Real Estate


Understanding The Belize Real Estate Market

Anyone contemplating a real estate purchase in Belize will immediately feel comfortable with the English-speaking residents and their welcoming nature. The people of Belize comprise the best part of the small nation; they are considered the greatest Belizean natural resource. As a potential retirement haven or a vacation destination, owning a property in this beautiful Caribbean nation can be a great strategy. Understanding the real estate market is imperative to your decision.

The primary piece of information vital to any foreign purchasers is that Belize has numerous tax advantages making a property investment quite attractive, regardless of your motivation. The Property you purchase is yours without restriction. There is also the additional benefit of not having to pay capital gains tax should you decide to sell your property.

Property values in Belize have been rising steadily since the mid-1980s but are still very reasonable when compared to other Caribbean destinations. The real estate options in Belize are numerous and varied – from oceanfront villas and luxury homes to resort condominiums, lagoon or canal fronting properties. There are properties for sale that cater to investors, commercial, vacation home or residential buyers at fair values all with standard infrastructure and services.

Listings Wanted! Let Us Work For You!

Is now a good time to sell? YES! Our local inventory of homes is very low! This means that buyers are constantly on the lookout for fresh, new inventory to come on the Belize Real Estate market. A lot of the remaining inventory left on the market is either overpriced or not in great condition. Thus, when a brand new listing comes on that is priced well and in decent shape, it can move FAST!

We’re not just making this up! Personally our Team at RE/MAX Island Real Estate has seen an increase of multiple offers. Our office has seen several cases of homes being listed and selling within the week…


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