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The Best Blogs About Belize You Should Be Following

Photo: Belize - View of the Sea

Belize is a beautiful country that continues to attract thousands of expatriates who want to take advantage of prime real estate, stunning views, and an affordable standard of living.

And whether you already live there or you are thinking about moving to Belize, there are some fantastic blogs to keep you updated on everything that’s happening in this wonderful Central American country.

1. The Belize Travel Blog

This is probably one of the most complete Belize blogs on the Internet, and it covers just about every subject that you would find interesting, including articles on Belizean food, the culture, music, fabulous tours, and insider information to get the most out of your Belize experience.

Just to give you a clue about the diversity of topics on this blog, three of our recent favorites are 9 Cool Belize TV Appearances, Belize Folklore, and Moving to Belize, an Informative guide.

Any Belize blog that includes the nugget that the main character in Breaking Bad once threatened to send someone to Belize is a must-read!

2. First World Refugee

A couple from North Carolina created this Belize blog after dreaming of exploring the world and discovering new cultures. They moved to San Pedro, Belize in 2014 and they specialize in telling great stories about their adventures and experiences living in a new country.

What’s really cool about this blog is that the couple started it to keep their family and friends updated on what was happening in their lives. So their blog pieces feature an interesting, naturalistic voice, like two people telling you about the best vacation they ever took.

This makes readers feel as if they know the couple, and are invested in what happens to them. With blog pieces like 26 Hours of Adventure Around and Under Half Moon Caye – The Movie!!! and, It’s Not a Vacation – It’s Life in a Vacation Spot, you will get a humorous, down-to-earth view of Belize from the perspective of people who have jumped all-in on their new life.

3.Taco Girl

This was one of the first Belize blogs that really got people’s attention. Laurie Norton moved to Belize in 2006, and launched her blog a year later.

Since then, she has written about subjects such as living in Belize, enjoying Belizean culture, and adapting to her new way of life.

Norton has won several Lonely Planet Blog Awards, and has been a Trip Advisor Destination Expert for Belize since 2009.

Just a sample of Norton’s blog titles gives you an idea about the diversity of subjects she covers, including: Using Digicell Data on Vacation and SIM Card Information, Finding a Peaceful Space, Heavenly Girl’s Getaway at Victoria House Resort, and God is Great Beer is Good and People are Crazy.

Take the Next Step

Reading a blog about all the great things Belize has to offer is the first step on your journey to making this country your permanent home.

If you have decided to relocate, then you will need a house that meets all your needs. RE/MAX Island Real Estate can help you find the perfect Belize real estate property. Contact us today to get started on your life-changing experience.


The decision to invest in Belize may well be one of the easiest and smartest decisions you make. It is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for vacationers as well as for those who work in global markets as an ideal place to call home. Being a part of the British Commonwealth brings added benefits that make doing business in Belize a snap: it is primarily English speaking, it enjoys a peaceful and conflict-free political environment, and its democratic climate opens the doors to opportunities from business sectors that go beyond the more visible markets of real estate and tourism.