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The Top Reasons You Should Purchase a Home in Belize

Photo: Belize Views

Does Belize make your top 10 of places you would most want to live? If you answered ‘no,’ it’s probably because you don’t know enough about this Central American country to understand all that it can offer you and your family. But fear not, because you’re about to learn some of the top reasons to buy a property in Belize.

The Beauty and Splendor of Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is a popular destination for foreigners who have left the hustle and bustle of big cities throughout the world to enjoy the cool, blue sea, the beach, and the tranquility of riding around on bikes or golf carts all day long.

When you’re ready to shop, enjoy fresh food, and take in the culture of Belize, you can hang out in San Pedro. It is the largest town in Belize, and it offers first-class restaurants, coffee shops, and live musicians.

One last tip: the word ‘caye’ means ‘island,’ so you can use that tidbit to impress your friends back home.

The Isolation and Peace of Caye Caulker

‘Island’ Caulker is for those of you out there who want to live on a sparsely populated, quiet island that invites contemplation, meditation, and interaction with nature.

Caye Caulker is about a half-hour boat ride from Caye Ambergris, but it is smaller and has less amenities than the bigger island. But the advantage of living here is that you still have the gorgeous views and the beautiful water, and you pay less for the privilege.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Belize is reasonable, which means your money will go further when you live here, plus you don’t lose any of the natural wonders that places such as Bermuda offer you.

And the cost of health care, building a home, auto insurance, property taxes, house labor, and transportation is far less than you would pay in a big city in the U.S. or around the world.

You can also ride a bike or walk to many destinations, which means you can ditch your gas-guzzling car.

Less Taxes To Pay

U.S. residents are used to paying taxes on just about everything, including food and income, but that isn’t the case if you move to Belize.

You will not have to pay taxes on income acquired from a foreign country, and you won’t have to worry about paying capital gains taxes, or inheritance taxes, which could be highly beneficial for your children if they choose to stay in Belize.

A Climate Made In Paradise

If you’re used to fluctuations in the weather, from cold to hot to humid, and all the damage those changes can do to your house and your car, not to mention your health, get ready to declare freedom.

That’s because the annual mean temperature in Belize is 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cool breeze from the Caribbean Sea tempers the humidity level.

Seize Your Dream

If you’re ready to commit to a different and more tranquil lifestyle, then it’s time to buy a home in Belize, and ReMax: Robert D Colon can help you find the ideal property based on your wants and needs. Contact us today and get started on your journey to paradise.


The decision to invest in Belize may well be one of the easiest and smartest decisions you make. It is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for vacationers as well as for those who work in global markets as an ideal place to call home. Being a part of the British Commonwealth brings added benefits that make doing business in Belize a snap: it is primarily English speaking, it enjoys a peaceful and conflict-free political environment, and its democratic climate opens the doors to opportunities from business sectors that go beyond the more visible markets of real estate and tourism.